has been started as an initiative to raise the voice of customers & getting their rejected insurance claims to be settled in the minimum possible time. We take every customer’s complaint or claim personally and ensure that we do everything that we can to get the customer’s complaints resolved as soon as possible. Customer’s niether have the deep knowledge nor have the time to keep following up with insurance companies or Third Party Administrator’s to settle their claims. So we help them in doing this.

We, at believe that ‘Money is not everything in Life. We do this because it gives immense relief to us when we help the person in pain. We have seen several incidents where just because of a very small mistake from either customer’s end or from the insurance advisor’s end, the insurance claim gets rejected. So we on the customer’s behalf fight with the insurance companies to settle their insurance claims at the earliest.

As soon as you submit your complaint, our Executive will call you to understand your complaint. Once all the details & related claim documents, if any are collected, the executive will contact the company via email or phone & start the process to settle the claim.Typically the case will be closed in one month but in some cases it may take some more time. Also we only settle genuine claims, fraud claims will not be entertained.